Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Menara Kuala Lumpur with cooperation of FAMA will be collaborating for the first time in organizing DURIAN FESTIVAL starting from 21 July to 24 July 2011 at 1Malaysia Cultural Village and the surrounding of Menara Kuala Lumpur.

Muzium Telekom will also organize Durian Festival from 25 July to 27 July 2011. This is a yearly event held by Muzium Telekom since its started three years ago.

The main objective in organizing the Durian Festival is to attract Malaysians in consuming local fruits and local produced products, simultaneously to introduce the local fruits to international visitors.

Visitors will get a chance to savour durian, rambutan, mangosteen and pulasan by joining the promotion offer of ‘Makan Sehingga Kenyang’ that only cost RM20 for adults and RM12 for children.

Various stalls await visitors who wish to buy local made durian products such as serawa, jams, ice cream, lempuk and tempoyak. Information counter and exhibition will be opened to showcase detailed information on durian trees and fruits.

In addition to the event, FAMA will also cater other local fruit stalls such as rambutan, mangosteen, dokong, pulasan, dragon fruits, bananas, ciku and guavas that will be sold at reasonable prices.

The festival is open free to all visitors from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

For more information, please dial 03-2020 5499 or 03-2020 5444 and surf our official web page at www.menarakl.com.my